Plant Growth Regulators (PGR)

We’re a leading organic manufacturer of top-quality PGRs in India, and our products have earned widespread praise for their effectiveness and impact on agricultural growth.

Bio Stimulants

We specialize in offering premium Bio Stimulants known for their exceptional quality. Our products are designed to enhance plant growth and vitality, providing farmers with effective solutions for improved yields. Experience the difference of our high-quality Bio Stimulants for yourself.

Bio Fertilisers

Elevating our industry reputation, we take pride in being a pioneering manufacturer and supplier of Bio Fertilizers. Our cutting-edge solutions harness the power of natural processes to enrich soil health and amplify crop productivity. Join us in revolutionizing sustainable agriculture through our high-performance Bio Fertilizers.

Plant Nutritions

Expanding our scope, we’re proud manufacturers of plant nutrition infused with essential micro nutrients, including potassium, magnesium, zinc, calcium, and more. These micronutrients are the building blocks of robust plant growth, enhancing nutrient uptake, resilience, and overall crop performance. Explore our diverse range of precisely formulated plant nutrition solutions to nurture your crops with the elements they need for thriving yields.

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